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This fantastic van was renovated without the engine, gearbox or fuel tank for trailer based business venture. The benefits to this are that range is no problem, indoor shopping centres or malls become viable propositions as many will not touch a van that has fuel and oil on board.The parking brake is intact, this beautiful van is guaranteed to draw interest wherever it goes. the benefits of this are, it is essentially a prop, no need for registration, no road tax, no insurance, no running and repair costs required. The price leaves plenty of room for a high quality trailer (which we do have in stock). The Van is in the very popular Jade green with contrasting roof ,wheels bumper and lights in White. This is a good proposition for the right application, please call or visit us to discuss your needs. Price is £12,500 + vat. The equivalent van with an engine,gearbox, MOT and UK registered would be another £4,000.00 so makes this an attractive alternative option.(THIS IS BUILT AS A STATIC DISPLAY AND DOESNT HAVE AN ENGINE OR GEARBOX)Also now available - draw bar designed and manufactured by 2cv city for shunting your H van around on site using a tow vehicle. priced at £130.00 plus VAT (pictured but not included with the van)